“I’ll Always Love My Mama” – My Five Favorite Mother’s Day Songs

Mothers – there’s no limit to the ways they care for us.  They bring us into the world, raise us, teach us manners, kiss our boo-boos and make us feel better.  They support and encourage us throughout our lives and can inspire us well into adulthood.  So it’s only fitting that we have a day to celebrate and honor them.

My love of music came from my mother.  So in the spirit of Mother’s Day I started thinking about some of my favorite mom-themed songs and compiled a list.  Below are my top five (and a couple of honorable mentions too).

Dear Mama by 2Pac

Rest in peace to Afeni Shakur, who passed away earlier this week at the age of 69.  In this touching tribute to his mother, Tupac tells her that despite their poverty, her past drug addiction and his own rebellion, he deeply loves and appreciates her.  Despite their problems, he recognizes the good things she’s done and that she did the best she could as a single mother in her circumstances.  Listen to the lyrics and it’s clear why this is one of hip hop’s greatest and most critically acclaimed songs.

I’ll Always Love My Mama by The Intruders

The same group that brought us the soulful classic Cowboys to Girls brings us this ode to selfless, devoted mothers everywhere.  With Sam “Little Sonny” Brown on lead vocals, the song is about honoring your mother for the lessons she’s taught you, as well as all the sacrifices she’s made in order to support her children.  It’s very uplifting.  Plus the chorus is so catchy!

A Song For Mama by Boyz II Men

When I first heard this song on the Soul Food soundtrack I knew right then that it would be a Mother’s Day classic.  This is one of my favorite Boyz II Men songs, right along with End of the Road and their cover of It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday.  If you ever have trouble expressing how much you value your mom, just play this song for her.  Expect plenty of hugs after.

Promise to Try by Madonna

I love this song, but I’ll admit it’s made me cry.   This was never a single, but it appears on her classic album Like A Prayer.  Madonna wrote this intensely personal ballad about her mother’s death.  Madonna lost her mother to breast cancer when she was only 5 years old, so the song is about a young Madonna struggling to say goodbye to her mother.  It’s a beautiful song, but be prepared to get very emotional while listening.

Blue by Beyoncé ft. Blue Ivy

This is another highly emotional song, but this time it’s from a mother’s perspective.  Beyoncé wrote this song about her daughter Blue Ivy.  She sings about how blessed she is to have her and how much she loves being her mom.  It’s sweet, and it’s made even sweeter by Blue’s adorable ad-libs at the end.


Honorable Mentions:

Dear Jessie by Madonna

Another track off Madonna’s Like A Prayer album, Dear Jessie is a whimsical, magical lullaby that you can totally sing to your child when you need a break from “Rock-a-Bye Baby”.  Plus the video features an animated Madonna flying around like Tinkerbell, so that’s pretty cool.

Rosanna by Toto

This song has nothing to do with motherhood.  But it reminds me of my own mother because this is one of her favorite songs.  Love you mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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